Monday, November 21, 2011

Hidden Treasures in Tam-Awan Village in Baguio

Nothing makes you feel more comfy than good food and good ambiance.  I’ve been to Baguio several times but this is the first time I got to visit Tam-awan Village. 
It’s an old Igorot village, about 30 minutes from Burnham, they restored the village’s paths and huts and turned into an artist’s haven. What caught my interest was the old Igorot huts, they were preserved in their original condition and were offered for rent at Php500 night per person.  Imagine being able to live like an Igorot for one night (or more if you chose to J ) you can wear the bahag too if you want a total immersion thing,  but you’ll probably freeze your arse because it gets really cold there at night.
The artworks were superb and not limited to paintings, there were handsewn bags and trinkets….there are no two alike so you are not in any danger of being in an awkward situation where you have the same bag or earrings as the lady sitting next to you in someone’s wedding.
The best part of the village is the quaint little café at the top of the hill inside the village.  Oh anyone would fall in love with the warm decors and the delicious food. Actually delicious is an understatement, the food was not only good it was heart warming in its authenticity. The Bagnet was fabulous and the Pinikpikan was divine, but nothing beats the hospitality and the warm smiles of the people working in the café. 
Only one problem, there were too many things on the menu and we couldn’t eat them all at the same time J…We will definitely come back…

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